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Photo of Teri Smith

Teri Smith


Phone: 403.328.9965

Photo of Lindsey Hagen

Lindsey Hagen

Vice Principal

Support Staff

Photo of Lisa Weiss

Lisa Weiss

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Sandra Zam

Sandra Zam

Learning Commons Facilitator

Photo of Pam Tinordi

Pam Tinordi

Student Support Worker

placeholder image for Roy Oliver

Roy Oliver

Head Caretaker

placeholder image for Brenda Solberg

Brenda Solberg



placeholder image for Mckenzie Anderson

Mckenzie Anderson

Early Learning Educator

Photo of Brie McCrady

Brie McCrady


Photo of Susan Esau

Susan Esau


Photo of Jenn Hyggen

Jenn Hyggen

Grade 1

Photo of Sam Straub

Sam Straub

Grade 1

Photo of Pam Leahy

Pam Leahy

Grade 1

Photo of James Ellison

James Ellison

Grade 2

Photo of Mary Gilmer

Mary Gilmer

Grade 2

Photo of Katie van der Meer

Katie van der Meer

Grade 3

Photo of Amanda Krawchuk

Amanda Krawchuk

Grade 3

Photo of Stacey Hegland

Stacey Hegland

Grade 2/3

Photo of Lori Braun

Lori Braun

Grade 4

Photo of Taylor Felker

Taylor Felker

Grade 4

Photo of Kaylee Melhoff

Kaylee Melhoff

Grade 5

placeholder image for Adam Reid

Adam Reid

Grade 5

Photo of Taryn Watson

Taryn Watson

Learning Support Teacher

Photo of Colleen Hamilton

Colleen Hamilton

Parker's Place

Photo of Ward Huckabay

Ward Huckabay

Fine Arts Teacher

Photo of Francesca Morris

Francesca Morris

Educational Assistants

Photo of Sandi Bell

Sandi Bell

placeholder image for Kyra Britton

Kyra Britton

Photo of Taneil Darker

Taneil Darker

Photo of Nelda Delaney

Nelda Delaney

Photo of Mary Easthope

Mary Easthope

Photo of Virginia Glendinning

Virginia Glendinning

placeholder image for Libby Gresl

Libby Gresl

placeholder image for Kim Kerber

Kim Kerber

Photo of Miya Kim

Miya Kim

Photo of Vidette Lapointe

Vidette Lapointe

placeholder image for Sydney Lizzi

Sydney Lizzi

Photo of Elisha McKinnon

Elisha McKinnon

Photo of Tracey Nixon

Tracey Nixon

Photo of Kaley Odland

Kaley Odland

Photo of Kassy Shak

Kassy Shak

placeholder image for Barb Slagel

Barb Slagel

Photo of Marlene Slomp

Marlene Slomp

Photo of Janae Smith

Janae Smith

Photo of Anita Van Ee

Anita Van Ee

Photo of Hilda Visser

Hilda Visser

placeholder image for Kaitlynn Zimmer

Kaitlynn Zimmer

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