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Scenario 1: In-school classes resume

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Mrs. Lori Braun

Grade 4/5

Welcome back to school for the 2020-21 school year! I am very excited to be a part of the amazing family here at Park Meadows Elementary. I am entering my 9th year of teaching, most of which I’ve spent teaching Grade 4/5 multi-age; I am sure that this year will be the most interesting yet! This year I am teaching a straight grade 5 class. Despite the many changes that lay ahead this year, one thing remains certain in my heart and mind; school is the BEST place for learning to happen. I am very passionate about what I do and strive to help students grow in their learning and their sense of self. Connection and relationship are at the heart of this quest and I do look to connect with all of my students and figure out what is going to work to make the year as successful as it can be. My hope is that students leave my classroom determined to succeed and willing to work hard and persevere to accomplish whatever their hearts desire. Most of all, I hope they reach the end of the year and they don’t want to go; that’s when I know that I’ve done my best to create an optimal learning environment for them.

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