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PowerSchool for Grades & Attendance

Resources & Instructions

Click on the links below to access instructions and tips on navigating the PowerSchool Parent Portal at https://ps.lethsd.ab.ca/public

  • How do I create my account, add my student, and view their report card? Click here. 
  • How do I view my child's grades while using my mobile phone? Click here.
  • How do I add another child to my PowerSchool Parent account? Click here.

Parent’s certainly have the choice to use the PowerSchool Mobile App, however, the Technology Department is recommending the web-based view, especially at the elementary school level. To access this view, parents simply need to use the browser on their mobile device (It doesn’t matter if it’s Apple or Android) or their desktop computer and enter the following URL into the search bar: http://ps.lethsd.ab.ca/public.

To utilize all PowerSchool Parent Portal features while on your mobile device, we recommend you "Exit to Main PS site" rather than use the mobile view.