Learners are innovative thinkers who are successful, confident, respectful and caring

Scenario 1: In-school classes resume


We feel proud of the excellent academic programs in our school. We challenge our students to think, collaborate, communicate and develop academically, socially and emotionally. We ask students to take care of themselves, others and the world and we work to help them develop as citizens and lifelong learners.

We promote a large variety of opportunities for children within the curriculum and we offer extracurricular sports throughout the year. This year we hosted basketball, badminton and running club.

Park Meadows Elementary School offers a rich variety of fine art opportunities for our students where they can explore, innovate and develop a life long love for the arts. Student receive music instruction from a music specialist who is in charge of developing extensive learning experiences in the beginnings of performing music and notation. We are very fortunate to have many instruments that our students can use like Orff xylophones, Ukuleles, Hand Bells, African drums and many others. In our extracurricular programs, we offer hand bells and choir as well as piano club and guitar club. 

We offer Genius Hour throughout the year where students come together in a multiage setting to explore and create. During these one-hour offerings on a Thursday students work together to design, build, imagine, communicate and connect with others in the community. The goal of each opportunity is to have students think through problems and develop creative ways to explore concepts. .

Park Meadows School proudly houses Parker's Place, designed to support students with diverse abilities within an inclusive environment. This program brings 10 - 12 children together in an environment of care, compassion, learning and relationship building. Modelled after Nicki’s Den, it is in its third year of operation. It truly gives all children a chance to work, play and learn together in an inclusive education environment.

We have a multisensory room called a snoezelen room.  A Snoezelen Room is a self-contained room that designed to offer children with special needs, a place where they can develop communication and relationship skills by interacting with visual systems, textures, vibrating surfaces, sounds and weighted items to enhance brain development, motor skills and communication. The term "Snoezelen" (pronounced /ˈsnuzələ(n)/) is a word formed from a blend of the Dutch "snuffelen" (to seek out, to explore) and "doezelen" (to doze, to snooze).  The room is furnished with soft furnishings and wall paddings for safety and comfort. Equipment is carefully designed to help children communicate; understand cause and effect and self regulate in a calming environment. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lvIPXdN1jLA&feature=youtu.be