Making Connections Tips for Being a Good Neighbour

Studies show that when children grow up in homes with respect and love, and when they feel safe in the neighbourhood they become adults who believe in themselves, take care of their health, and are contributing members of society. Below are some ideas of how parents can help their children to feel safe in their neighbourhood and how you can be a safe neighbour yourself:


  • Shovel your neighbour’s walk as a family
  • Let your children see you say hello to the people in your neighbourhood you recognize; strangers are just people we don’t know
  • Walk the dog as a family, walking your dog at the same time every day increases the chances that you will see the same people, it’s an opportunity to say hello, talk about their dog, introduce yourself
  • Some people know their closest neighbours well enough or are brave enough to make cards or baking and drop it off during the holidays as a family
  • Shop for the food banks or Angel Tree/Salvation Army as a family and drop off the donations together


I hope you have a wonderful holiday season with friends and family, and best wishes for the New Year.

Christine Bishoff

Making Connections