Making Connections Tips



Hello from Making Connections. We had a great many donations of clothes for our Fall Clothing Exchange at Galbraith this Oct. Thanks to all the people who donated and also to the volunteers who helped us get it all out on the tables on Friday.

I have been presenting a Home Alone Safely program to the Grade 5 students. Here are some tips from that course that are important for all students to know:

  • Children need to know their actual address, i.e. 1234 Smith Street North, in case they need to call 911; not just the street, or the home number, or a landmark, or intersection
  • Children need to know their phone number; with most of us using cell phones as our home contact number, is there a phone at home the children can use so they can call someone for help e.g. neighbour, grandparent, or 911
  • Children need to know where you work and that contact number; not all of us can answer our cell phones when they ring, if your child knows where you work and that number they can call the office staff who can get the emergency info to you.
  • Not all situations need the help of calling 911, do you know a neighbour who your child can go to or call if needed? Introduce your child to them and let them know their phone number and that they can go to them or call them if needed, and what “if needed” means i.e. electricity goes out in your home, they think someone is in the house, if they need to get out of the house and then call 911.
  • Have a list of important phone numbers posted in an easy to see place like the refrigerator or bulletin board.