A Note from the School Counsellor

Hello everyone. Hopefully, the recent April (snow) showers mean that May flowers are just around the corner! I know the sunshine and spring weather is leading to more enjoyment in my life, which is one of the six signs of good mental health according to the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA).


The CMHA lists these six signs of good mental health:

I feel like I’m reaching MY POTENTIAL.

I feel like I BELONG. 

I make the world a BETTER PLACE.

I DON’T WORRY about what others think of me.

I ENJOY my life.

Knock me down and I’ll GET BACK UP again.


May 2 is HATS ON! for Mental Health and May 7-13 is Mental Health Week


On May 2, Albertans are invited to wear a hat to raise awareness of the importance of good mental health.



The Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC) reports that “many people living with mental illness say the stigma they face is often worse than the illness itself.”


Mental health is:

  • how you feel about yourself and others
  • about having balance in your life and in your thinking
  • not just the absence of mental illness
  • includes your self-esteem and level of stress
  • similar to our physical health…something we all have!


“The fact is: someone could be diagnosed with a mental illness and have great mental health, while someone without a mental illness may be struggling with theirs.”


(For more information and to view the full articles, please visit: https://mentalhealthweek.ca/)


Please join us WEDNESDAY, MAY 2 in wearing a hat to promote the importance of good mental health.


I welcome your questions, and the most convenient way to reach me is through email (christine.oviatt@lethsd.ab.ca) or through my district cell phone at 403-394-6838. Please include a time and phone number that is best for me to contact you.