A Note from the School Counsellor

Wow! I feel like we went straight from winter to summer! As we head into our last month for this school year, I wish to express sincere thanks to the students, staff, parents and guardians in the school communities where I am fortunate to work. Next fall, I will be moving to Gilbert Paterson as a middle school counsellor. Although I am truly excited for the opportunity to again be working with this age group, I am sad to be leaving two wonderful schools. I am honoured to have supported many students, families, and staff at Agnes Davidson and Park Meadows, and I wish you all a safe and restful summer.

Similar to keeping up with our physical health in the summer, it is important to keep up with our mental health. Here are some ways to promote good mental health for children over the summer break:

Build some structure into their days: It is not necessary to fill every time slot with an activity but have a few things planned that they can look forward to.

  • Create a calendar that has their activities and plans listed
  • Build daily routines (i.e. wake-up, read for 30 min, make their bed, help with breakfast)
  • Create some consistency, such as every Tuesday afternoon they have a phone call with Grandma

Help children find a sense of belonging and purpose: School is a community that children feel a part of and a sense of belonging and purpose, and removing these connections can sometimes lead to feelings of loneliness or anxiety. They might not always enjoy it, but things like reading give children a sense of purpose.

  • Help validate your child’s feelings if they are having a hard time and remind them transitions can take some time to adjust, even though it is positive
  • Plan some family activities together
  • Participate in small group activities, perhaps a library reading group, a sport league
  • Children need chores
  • Don’t be afraid to let your child be bored

(summarized from: https://www.introspectivefamilytherapy.com/blog/2017/5/26/how-to-keep-up-your-kids-mental-health-over-the-summer)


I welcome your questions, and the most convenient way to reach me is through email (christine.oviatt@lethsd.ab.ca) or through my district cell phone at 403-394-6838. Please include a time and phone number that is best for me to contact you.