School Starts Sept. 5 @ 8:22 a.m.

First Day Need-to-Knows....

On the first day of school, Tuesday September 5, 2017, we ask that parents bring their children at the start of the day. 

Most students going into grades 3 and 5 will progress with their same teacher as last year. For students new to our school and those students going into grades 1, 2, and 4, a school staff member will have a list of all students and will communicate new classes.

Teachers will be outside by the playground area. They will gather their class at the bell, take attendance, and bring the children into the building, where they will show them where their coat hooks will be. Parents new to the school are welcome to make an appointment a few days prior to school opening so that their child can see the school and become familiar with the space.

Please note that for privacy reasons we do not post class lists.  We are often balancing classes up until the first day of school and into the first three days of school.  We often get students who move in or out during the summer and often, we don’t have this information until a week after our start date. As such, we do not shuffle children on the first day of school as it has a domino effect and can change the composition of the entire class.

 We have added a class at the grade 2 level, as we were given funds to hire a full time teacher from the Provincial Memorandum of Agreement, Classroom Improvement Fund.  This will lower our class sizes at grades 2 and 3.